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Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry is a multidisciplinary scientific forum dedicated to advancing the frontiers of basic cellular research. It addresses scientists from both the physiological and biochemical disciplines as well as related fields such as genetics, molecular biology, pathophysiology, pathobiochemistry and cellular toxicology & pharmacology. Original papers and reviews on the mechanisms of intracellular transmission, cellular metabolism, cell growth, differentiation and death, ion channels and carriers, and the maintenance, regulation and disturbances of cell volume are presented. Appearing bi-monthly under peer review, Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry takes an active role in the concerted international effort to unravel the mechanisms of cellular function.

Latest Articles

Tyrosine-Mutant AAV8 Vector Mediated Efficient and Safe Gene Transfer of Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor to Mouse Lungs

Débora P. Ferreira, Sabrina V. Martini, Helena A. Oliveira, Adriana L. Silva, Siddharth Shenoy, Daiqin Chen, Valentina Simon, Eric Han, Natalie E. West, Jung Soo Suk, Patricia R.M. Rocco, Hilda Petrs-Silva, Marcelo M. Morales, Fernanda F. Cruz

High Fat High Sugar Diet Reduces Small Intestinal Secretion by Sex-Dependent Mechanisms

Kyle Miller, Sarah Carpinelli, Maxwell Rubin, John Ahlert, Aaron Kubinski, Brendan Van Iten, Kendra Sy, Bryan Lunt, Katerina Meassick, Stephen Ames, Emma Smith, Chaheyla R. St. Aubin, Layla Al-Nakkash

Kynurenic Acid Levels and Kynurenine Aminotransferase I, II and III Activities in Ganglia, Heart and Liver of Snail Helix Pomatia

Carina Kronsteiner, Halina Baran, Berthold Kepplinger

A High-Fat Diet Induces Cardiac Damage in Obesity-Resistant Rodents with Reduction in Metabolic Health

Janete Corrêa Cardoso, Vinicius Valois Pereira Martins, Amanda Rangel Madureira, Suellem Torezani Sales, Filipe Martinuzo Filetti, Camila Renata Corrêa, Breno Valentim Nogueira, Ana Paula Lima-Leopoldo, André Soares Leopoldo

The Absence of an Na+/Ca2+Exchanger (NCX) in Bullfrog Proximal Tubules and Cellular pH is More Influential Than Cellular Ca2+ on Proximal Na Transport

Yutaka Matsumura

De Novo Cloning and Functional Characterization of a Mechanosensitive Piezo-Like Ion Channel in the Crayfish

Bora Ergin, Berk Saglam, Kaan Arslan, Nazlı Coskun Beyatli, Zihni Ekim Taskiran, Turgut Bastug, Nuhan Purali

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